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Andrew Hutchinson, from Columbia, serves as the Public Employees Union Representative and Public Employees Organizing Director for LiUNA Local 955. He supervises all three organizers, handles steward education, serves as the Chief Negotiator for all 955 Public Employees collective bargaining agreements/contracts, and supervises external/internal organizing for all Local 955 Public Employee units. He previously worked as the Government Affairs Coordinator for LiUNA Local 110 in St. Louis and as the founding mid-Missouri organizer for the mid-Missouri chapter of Missouri Jobs with Justice. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History & Sociology from Mizzou and a Master’s in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis.

Andrew  Hutchinson

Public Employees Field Representative

Phone Number- 573-443-6014


LiUNA represents over 70,000 public employees. LiUNA public employees provide critical healthcare services, keep our parks clean, maintain our roads, process our mail, work in our educational institutions, and respond to emergencies both foreign and domestic. They work in all kinds of harsh environments and often put their lives at risk.

Laborers (LiUNA) Local 955 is a union of workers fighting for better wages and working conditions in mid-Missouri. LiUNA Local 955 Public Works members work at the City of Centralia, City of Columbia, Boone County Road & Bridge, University of Missouri - Columbia, University of Missouri Kansas City, MU Healthcare, Truman State, City of Kirksville & MFA Feed Mills in Mexico & Kirksville, Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, and Wildcat Materials.

If you have any questions you can contact  Local 955 at 573-499-3720. Laborers Local 955 is located at 404 Tiger Lane, Columbia, Mo. 65203. The email address is

General Information

 • Our full union’s general membership meeting is at 6pm every second Thursday of the month at the union hall. 

 • Our Mizzou, MU Healthcare and MU Workers United unit meetings are held at 1pm (night shift) and 5pm (day shift) every second Thursday of the month at the union hall.

 • Our City of Columbia Unit meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 5pm. 

 • Our City of Centralia unit meeting is held the last Friday of the month at noon. Reach out to your union steward for location or email (Andrew Hutchinson.)

Our union is only as strong as our members. If you want more information on our union or wish to join – please fill out this form and an organizer or union steward will be in touch! 

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Public Employees Union Organizers

Mark Perrigo, located in Hallsville, was a painter for the University of Missouri for over thirty years. After retiring from the University he took a position with LiUNA Local 955 as a public employee union organizer. Perrigo works primarily with University of Missouri and MU Healthcare workers.

Mike Finch, located in Mexico, is a public employee organizer with LiUNA Local 955. He primarily works with MFA Feed Mills, City of Kirksville, Truman State, Boone County Road & Bridge and City of Columbia. Finch previously worked at MFA Feed Mills as a Class B Operator/Mixer and served on the Executive Board of IUE-CWA Local 86821 when he worked at Hubbell in Centralia.

Luke Fennewald, from Martinsburg MO originally, is an public employee organizer and public employee Union Representative with LiUNA Local 955 and MU Workers United. He worked for the University of Missouri for three years as a Custodian before taking a job with the Union. He handles grievances, labor management and organizing for UM-System, MU Healthcare and MU Campus workers. Fennewald is also a Mizzou alum.